Wellness Energy System & Holographic Growth Process

The Wellness Inventory is an online, whole person assessment and life-balance program that focuses on the 12 key dimensions of wellness of the Wellness Energy System developed by wellness pioneer and innovator, John Travis, MD, MPH. The training helps you gain proficiency in using this model, represented by the 12 Dimensions of Wellness, with clients.

Each week we explore one of the 12 dimensions of wellness and discover that in this dynamic, whole person systems' approach that the dimensions are all interdependent. Each impacts the other dimensions in the system and each impacts the whole person. We refer to this phenomenon as the Holographic Growth Process.

The process of working with the Wellness Wheel helps you to develop greater coherence in your personal life. With these new insights, you’ll learn how to use our Holographic Growth Process in your coaching to facilitate greater self-responsibility, coherence and wellbeing in your clients' lives.

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Level I

Wellness Inventory Certification Training

Our 14-week Level I Certification Training is delivered as a live, weekly 2-hour webinar-style class. The training has a rich curriculum with live in-class discussion, weekly "coaching spotlights", weekly awareness exercises focusing on the 12 dimensions of wellness, extensive support material, buddy coaching sessions, and a written proficiency portfolio.

The training is a vibrant, highly interactive learning experience, both personally and professionally, and creates an environment that encourages high levels of participation and live discussion. All classes are saved as mp4 videos for later review.

Your Journey Starts Today

Level II

Holographic Coaching Practicum

The curriculum will be both didactic and experiential in an atmosphere of discovery and fun. A minimum of one buddy coaching practice session between classes is required; however it is recommended that students get in as many practice sessions as possible. Practice sessions can be with anyone who genuinely wants to be coached. Participants receive 3 free Wellness Inventory subscriptions to use with practice clients. Each class will include realtime practice segments in which students will have the opportunity to practice with other students and receive feedback from the instructor. The setting will be one of emotional safety and genuine positive regard.

What Are You Waiting For?

Level II Areas of Focus

• Diving into the Wellness Inventory in your coaching sessions

• The art and science of being present with your client

• Honing your intuition and empathy

• How to be an empowering partner to your client

• Building listening skills from the inside out

• Going deeper into the art of questions

• How to move the action forward with Master Questions

• Going deeper into mirroring and reflective listening

• Acknowledgment as accountability

• Setting the session format

• Problem-solving

• Paperwork

• Phone coaching and in-person coaching

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Credentials & Continuing Education

With the Wellness Inventory by Body+Mind+Spirit, you can earn credentials or continuing education credits with participating institutions.

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