It all started in the 70's

John Travis MD, MPH

Body+Mind+Spirit’s journey began in 1972, when John W. Travis, was completing his Preventive Medicine residency at Johns Hopkins University. During his residency, he worked alongside his mentor, Lewis Robinson, MD, creator of the Health Risk Assessment (HRA), a tool still used today by many employers and insurance companies to evaluate at risk employees. While working on one of the earliest computerized HRAs, John realized that while HRAs were great at identifying “problem individuals” eligible for a interventions, HRAs in general failed to address the attitudes and beliefs underlying at-risk behaviors that determine wellbeing. In other words, they didn’t address the cause of at risk behavior, only the symptoms.

So John turned to the work of Abraham Maslow and other leading visionaries, including Halbert Dunn, MD, whose book, High-Level Wellness, was an important catalyst to John’s vision. 

John decided that rather than treating sick people, he would dedicate his life to inspiring people to be well. Energized with this new focus, he created his seminal Illness-Wellness Continuum. This continuum became a hallmark of the wellness movement and today, continues to appear in numerous nursing and health promotion textbooks globally.

John went on to open the Wellness Resource Center in Mill Valley, CA, the world's first Wellness center. There he created the first Wellness assessment, the Wellness Inventory, which today forms the basis of Healthy's Wellness Inventory. His work at the Wellness Resource Center and the Wellness Inventory drew widespread attention, leading Dan Rather and 60 Minutes to visit the Center and interview John in 1979.

John’s importance to the Wellness movement cannot be overstated. He is widely considered to be one of four fathers of the Wellness movement. His writing and lectures continue to inspire coaches, institutions and most importantly individuals to begin their journeys of self discovery and healing.

Jim Strohecker

Jim is a graduate of the University of Tennessee in Anthropology. Jim has always been a student and practitioner in the Wellness movement, with over 35 years of experience in the fields of human potential and holistic health. In 1996, he founded, which today, is the web’s oldest source for Alternative Medicine and Therapies. It was also at this time, with the blessing of Dr. Travis, that Jim created the first online version of the Wellness Inventory and its accompanying Wellness Inventory Certification Training program. Over the decades, Jim has built Healthy's Wellness Inventory into a robust business and practice helping thousands of individuals, coaches, and employees everywhere realize their potential. As Jim is fond of saying “Healthy people, healthy planet.”

Meet Our Investors

They're great!

Dr. Shri Mishra

Shri is Professor of Neurology, and co-ordinator of the Integrative Medicine Program at the Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California. Dr. Mishra is a member of many prestigious neuroscience and integrative medicine societies. He has been chair of the study section of NCCAM (NIH), and serves on the editorial board of many integrative medicine journals. He is president of American Academy of Ayurvedic Medicine (AAAM). His goals are to develop evidence-based, cost-effective quality clinical care, education, and research in integrative medicine, particularly Ayurveda.

Robert Stuckleman

Bob is awesome. He is the President of Technical Management Consultants (TMC), which provides consulting services to technology and healthcare companies. He founded CompuMed, a public medical technology company in 1973 and was its President from 1972 to 1982 and 1990 to 1994. He is currently Chairman of the Board of CompuMed and Chairman of the Board of Arrogene, a biotech genetic engineering company; in addition he is or has recently been on the Board of Directors of Roex, Cyber University, The Worldwide Web Store and BioEnergy Delivery Systems. He holds an MSEE from the University of Southern California and a BEE from Cornell University.