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If personal health and wellness is important to you, then try the web's longest-running wellness program.

Reduce Stress, Balance Your Life.

The Wellness Inventory by Healthy is an online program is focused on personal wellbeing improvement. You’ll improve your self-care and image, reduce stress, build resilience, and takes steps to improve your work-life balance. Moreover, you’ll create an action plan to continually improve your yourself, in a sustainable way.

“The world can be in harmony, only when you’re in harmony.”

How It Works

The Wellness Inventory is the original online program, designed to help you find Wellness in ALL aspects of your life.

Step 1: Take Your Personal Assessment

We evaluate your current levels of Wellness across all 12 Dimensions of Wellness, like Sensing, Breathing, Self Love and Transcending.

Step 2: Create Your Personalized Action Plan

Once we understand your strengths and areas for improvement, we help you create a plan for sustainable change. Each plan features custom goals and weekly reminders, designed to keep you moving forward.

Stuck? Try the Virtual Coach

Your Virtual Coach helps you identify what you most want to improve in your life, and to develop small, realistic action steps that will keep you on track with your Action Plan. 

Step 3: Track Your Progress

Measure your progress daily or weekly. See where you're beating your plan or where you need to focus your energies to improve. You can also retake some or all of the Wellness Assessment each month.

Step 4: Record Your Successes

Your Wellness Journal is your personal place where you can reflect on your issues, your obstacles and your successes. It's important to know where you've been in order to get where you're going.

Step 5: Self Study Center

Want to explore the 12 Dimensions of Wellness  in more depth? Need more exercises in a specific Dimension? Use the Study Center to keep you inspired and energized.

12 Dimensions of Wellness

Twelve dimensions form the Wellness Inventory by Healthy. This wheel of Wellness was developed in the 1970s by pioneer John W. Travis, MD, MPH, father of the modern Wellness Movement. The 12 Dimensions form the basis of our award-winning, online Wellness Inventory program.

Explore the 12 Dimensions