Wellness Inventory - 1 Year Subscription

The Wellness Inventory is an unprecedented personal wellbeing program that motivates positive behavior and lifestyle change to support optimal living.

It has everything you need to start your journey towards improving your self-care, reducing stress, building resilience, mastering work-life balance, and enhancing your level of personal wellbeing.

Our innovative whole person assessment reveals your current levels of wellbeing and motivation across 12 key wellness dimensions and opens the door to your wellness journey.

With our program, you get the Assessment, Personal Action Plan with Virtual Coach tool, Personal Journal, and 12 Resource Centers - everything you need to start and maintain the Wellness lifestyle.

Re-assess each dimension of wellness up to once monthly to monitor your growth.

Dive deeper into each wellness dimension with commentaries and self-care practices.

Use the Journal to reflect on new insights and experiences on your wellness journey.

Our yearly plan is the best way to get started and it comes with a lifetime of benefits.

    Every journey starts with a first step.  Take yours today!

    **Looking to become a Nationally Board Certified Wellness Coach? Learn more here!**