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The Wellness Inventory is the original online wellness program that includes everything you need to improve your self-care, reduce stress, manage your energy, improve work-life integration, and live mindfully.

Your online program includes:

- Personal Assessment

- Personalized Action Plan

- Virtual Coach

- Progress Tracker

- Personal Journal

- Self-Study Center

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Wellness Inventory

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Reduce Stress, Balance Your Life

Body, Mind, Spirit’s Wellness Inventory is an online program and set of interactive tools that are focused on personal wellbeing improvement. You’ll improve your self-care and image, reduce stress, build resilience, and takes steps to improve your work-life balance. Moreover, you’ll create an action plan to continually improve your yourself, in a sustainable way.

“The world can be in harmony, only when you’re in harmony.”

Realize Your Potential

12 Dimensions of Wellness

Twelve dimensions form the Wellness Inventory by Body+Mind+Spirit. This wheel of Wellness was developed by Wellness pioneer John W. Travis, MD, MPH, father of the modern Wellness Movement, in the 1970s. The 12 Dimensions form the basis of our award-winning, online Wellness Inventory program.

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Toe in the Water

Committing to Change

Embracing the Lifestyle

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With thousands of customers already satisfied, see how the Wellness Inventory can improve your career, company, or institution.

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